MZF Magnetic Drive Pump

Short Description:


Capacity :~2000m3/h

Head :~250mTemperature :less than 250℃



Material: Cast steel, stainless steel 304/316/321/316Ti/904L, Duplex, Hastelloy, Titanium and Titanium alloy and so on

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 Design feature:

  1. 1.Single stage single suction, overhung structure
  2. 2.MZF magnetic pump is a kind of centrifugal pump that with no shaft seal, completely without leakage, and it driven through magnetic coupling , and belong to a member of magnetic-driven family.
  3. 3.It adopts medium’s internal circulation to lubricate and cool the magnetic coupling and sliding bearing. The internal circulation includes high pressure internal circulation and low pressure circulation. The high pressure internal circulation pump is suitable for the medium which is easy for vaporization, the low pressure internal circulation pump is suitable for the medium which isn’t easy for vaporization.
  4. 4.Dangerous liquid pumps will be equipped with double containment shell, It will be alarm when the first containment shell lekaged.
  5. 5.The heating jacket and cooling jacket can be used according to working condition.
  6. 6.The magnetic block of magnetic pump is of high quality rare earth permanent magnetic material-samarium cobalt, the irreversible demagnetization highest temperature can reach 400-450 , it fully guaranteed the magnetic coupling with reliable performance. When it work normally, magnetic coupling and three-phase induction motor  operate synchronous and it has stable performance. Whats more ,permanent magnet has very high stability, and could prevent the damage during assembly and dis assembly of the rotors or pump working at the maximum torque.
  7. 7.During working, the magnetic pump's axial force automatically balances by hydraulic power , thrust disc only bear the instant axial thrust when the pump start and stop .


Magnetic pump can achieve that without leakage ,it’s suitable to transfer  corrosive, toxic, flammable, explosive, expensive or easy gasification liquid. In addition, magnetic pump is also suitable for conveying high temperature, low temperature fluid and liquid under the vacuum condition.

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