API610 VS1 Pump VTD Model

Short Description:

Type VS1 pump is wet pit, vertical suspended single casing diffuser pumps with discharge through the column according to API 610.

Size: 4-32 inches

Capacity: 100-10000m3/h

Head: 0-200m

Temperature: 0-210 °C

Material: Cast steel, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L, CD4MCU

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This API610 VS1 pump is a new pumping equipment we have developed based on the world advanced technologies.

As all the manufacturing process of this pump strictly adhere to the API610 standard, this vertical single-stage (double stage) centrifugal mixed flow pump enjoys excellent quality and highly reliable performance, quite suitable to convey cycled water in the power plants and molten iron in the steel plants. Besides, it could be also applied in ship building, water treatment, sewage discharge and agricultural irrigation.

Structural Features of API610 VS1 Pump

1. This pumping equipment enjoys lower flow rate, light weight and smaller installation space .It could be directly started and users don’t have to inject water into it.
2. It enjoys high operation efficiency which ranges from 80% to 89%.
3. Of a lower cavitation erosion, this pump enjoys a longer service life, quite safe and reliable.
4. This API610 centrifugal pump is quite suitable to covey pure water and seawater of

Temperature lower than 85℃。

5. Connection device for the pump and the motor. Single base :the two are installed on the same base. Double bases: they are respectively mounted on a base. The discharge of this pump is mounted at the base or the bottom of the base.
6. The suction tank for this mixed-flow pump is the pond it deals with.(according to customers’ requirements, we could also provide pump of this model whose suction tank is a dry pit)

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